Action: Support the California Disclose Act, SB52 CA-Disclose-Act-1

      This bill will be re-introduced to the 2014 California Legislature.

The California DISCLOSE Act will change the Big Money game.  Learn more about SB 52


WILPF California Action believes “big money” influence on elections is undermining our democracy in California. In the November 2012 election, billionaires and mega-corporations poured millions of dollars into political ads anonymously. They were able to do this thanks to the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision (link to…) while hiding behind deceptive committee names like The Small Business Action Committee (link to Small Business Action committee article) which poured millions into the attempt to defeat Gov. Brown’s tax bill and to pass Proposition 32 which would have restricted union spending in elections while doing nothing to curtail the flood of corporate money into election campaigns.

While the problem is multi-dimensional and needs to be addressed from several directions, WCA is actively supporting the California Disclose Act, SB52, a bill in the California State Legislature which would, if enacted into law, create greater transparency on campaign spending.