WILPF CALIFORNIA ACTION, a Core Team of representatives of branches and at-large members of WILPF in California, will actively promote legislative bills and ballot measures at the state level.


The Core Team will be empowered to write letters of support, join lobbying efforts, and endorse designated legislative bills and ballot measures in the name of all consenting California WILPF branches and at-large members.


The WCA Core Team will recruit members to write and call legislators, write and issue press releases, disseminate information, and facilitate quick decision-making with all active WILPF members in California.


Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) began in 1915 after a group of 1,200 intrepid and dedicated women from around the world met at The Hague, despite the rigors of wartime travel, in an effort to convince world political and military leaders that world peace was preferable to any and all types of war then being undertaken. One of the WILPF founders was the American Jane Addams, founder of Hull House and its settlement movement, who, as WILPF’s international president, later became the first woman recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize (1931); a few years later (1946), another WILPF founder and international secretary, the American Emily Greene Balch, won another Nobel Peace Prize. Today, there are dozens of national WILPF sections around the world (www.wilpfinternational.org). WILPF’s United States section began in 1915 (www.wilpfus.org).


The US section operates largely through local branches that have been established in many of the states. In California we have over a dozen branches and recognized groups working on WILPF issues; several of the California branches began in the 1920’s. Over the decades, the political work of California’s members has been guided by WILPF’s principles and policies of peace and freedom.