2016 November California Election Guides

We put together a list of guides to election information. Some are non-partisan, and some are WILPF recommendations.

First there is a great summary brochure with WILPF recommendations on one side and a non-partisan (actually, multi-partisan) list on the other, made by Nancy ABBEY. They were made to be printed back to back on legal sized (8.5 X 14) paper. But we printed some on 8 X 11, scaled down and rotated of course, and they were still fine, with glasses. 🙂 Feel free to print them and hand them out!

  • The WILPF recommendations, as side one. This can be printed as 8×11 or 8×14 to match your second side choice. Or just as a handout alone.
  • The multi-partisan recommendations on 8×14. state-props-8x14
  • The multi-partisan recommendations on 8×11. state-props-8x11

Here’s a guide from the Campus Election Engagement Project that shows the 2 main-stream party candidates’ positions on issues. It has a link to their website where they list the issues and have the 4 main party candidates’ stances. campus-pres

And here is a list of recommendations about State Ballot Initiatives, from the perspective of some Berkeley folks. state-props

And there’s a lot of good information at https://votesmart.org/ but you have to put up with music when it first comes on, and you have to dig for the information.

Good luck to us all!


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